2011 CWD began a worldwind of a journey...

CWD director & owner Luke de Vries has always had a passion for carpentry, buildings & gadgets. His grandfather Cecil Pyle being an inspiration to him from his his time as an apprentice to now. Over the course of him establishing himself in the building industry  passed down valuable keys to hi, that he holds always close to his heart to this day.

"Mark of Excellence" CWD mission statement

Quality workmanship, great product knowledge and thorough execution in all aspaects of the job required whether facilitating a specialist fit-out, building, developments and project managaement.

Recently CWD was awarede Light Commercial award at the HIA Tasmanian Housing Awards for the Brickworks Design Studio in Hobart. Brickworks Design Studio displays the quality traits that Construction With Destiny - CWD execute on every job.

The art behind the name "Construction With Destiny"

Destiny meaning: The power or agency that determaines the course of events. 

As CWD we set out to determine the course of events in all aspects of what we bring to the trade; integrity, quality workmanship and successful outcomes form high experianced team of carpenters and working with architects and designers who drwa on our strengths.

All photography provided by Lolc Le Gully